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What if you could build a flourishing, just enterprise? What if there were 1M of us? Join us!

Feminist Enterprise Commons

About Us

A safe, non-Zuckerberg space for entrepreneurial feminists who build socially just, sustainable enterprises which challenge norms, binaries, heteronormativity, colonization, the patriarchy, and straight lines. Join us. #fectrek

Why Join?

Reality check. We are in the midst of a historical trigger event--a global pandemic. Working to advance and make permanent gender equity plus transform our economies towards care, equity, inclusion, resilience and regeneration is more important now than ever. 

The feminist movement, it's diversity, values, and variety of visions for the future has a role to play in defining what's next. 

Feminist informed organizing, creating, and enterprise work is the hardest thing you've ever committed to.  Standard business advice misses the point. Startup incubators, accelerators, biz conferences and professional networks encourage us to perpetuate systems of extraction and inequality --not resist and change it. 

That's why the FEC was started.

If you are are looking to serve and drive change by building and operating a next generation enterprise, feminist organization or project with the help of a supportive, intergenerational, feminist values-aligned community that "gets" intersectional feminist culture, ideals and world making views--you came to the right place!

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